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Welcome To Sky To Sea

saltwater tankIf you have decided to join the small group of people who have a saltwater fish tank set up or a pet snake to watch over; you are embarking on something that will become truly memorable. It will require you to be a little patient. It will require you to be ready to experiment and have a lot of fun. The end result will be an outstanding experience that you will be happy you took part in. It also means that you can spend endless hours searching through information about setting up tanks and because of that; we are happy to welcome you our little website.

Who We Are

freshwater tankSky To Sea is a small pet shop that specializes mostly in helping people who want to have exotic animals to care for. They are ideal for people who want to set up fresh water or saltwater fish tanks and the fish that will call it home. This includes SPS and LPS coral, soft corals, various plants, and more. There are also pond plants and koi available. As if that isn’t enough, you can also visit Sky To Sea to get invertebrates and the supplies that are required to take care of them.

What Is Available

dwarf crayfishWhen it comes to exotic animals, there is no shortage of them available. They include all types of fish, birds, reptiles, and other fuzzy types of animals. Each of these animals will need to have a safe place to live and you will have to work a little to keep them happy in their new home. Do you have what it takes to make your home a good home for these pets?

Setting Up Your Tank

Once you have the aquarium, a filter, and the lights for your freshwater tank, you will need to have gravel, decorations, water conditioner, a net, and fish food for the type of fish that you want to have. As time goes on, you may also want to consider getting a gravel washer so that cleaning the tank out will be easier to do.

The saltwater tank will require you to have a larger sized tank. Most people recommend at least a 30-gallon tank. You will need live rock, a substrate for the bottom of the tank, a saltwater mix, a refractometer to measure the salt content, a protein skimmer, lights, testing kits, and a variety of other things.

Invertebrates like shrimp, crayfish, and crabs can also survive in a tank. They are easy to care for and they do well in smaller tanks. Many people also enjoy knowing that these types of animals have a personality that is unique among fish. For instance, dwarf crayfish are less aggressive than other types and they are able to live in an 8-gallon tank if you only have two or three of them sharing space. However, you do need to make sure that you have a lot of hiding places for crayfish. Shrimp caves are ideal hiding spots.

Other pets will have other needs. Snakes have things that they require, hamsters and other fuzzy animals have their needs, and birds need to have a space that makes them happy as well. It will take you time to figure out what you need to provide, but there are also a lot of helpful resources available to get you through it and into the fun world of pet ownership.

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